4 Surprising Ways You Can Use Your Leftover Grinds

Coffee is relied upon by many as the cure for morning drowsiness. Yet, most people don’t realize that coffee’s uses extend far beyond simply drinking in a hot mug. In fact, coffee is packed with antioxidants and nutrients, including riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, and potassium. Coffee also has a rich color and flavoring that makes it a natural complement to many culinary dishes. Read on for four unique uses for prepared or ground coffee!

Absorb Odors

To keep your car, closet, or other small space smelling fresh and clean, place a small open container filled with freshly ground coffee beans where it won't get knocked over. The grounds will absorb any strong odors that may get introduced there – fast food in cars or dirty laundry in closets, for example.

Perk Up Meat Dishes

Coffee is a wonderful complement to beef and lamb. In fact, adding black coffee to meat-based stews and soups about halfway through the cooking process can lend them beautiful dark color and great flavor. Coffee-based dry rubs for beef and pork are another great way to use coffee in your cooking.

Exfoliate Skin

Have you just run out of your favorite face scrub? Try coffee! Coffee grounds are a great natural facial exfoliant. Simply rub the moist grounds into your skin gently to get rid of dead skin and brighten your entire complexion. Rinse well and follow with a moisturizer or facial serum.

Intensify Chocolate Cakes

If you love chocolate, you’re probably no stranger to baking the perfect chocolate cake. Next time you’re in the mood to bake, try incorporating a bit of brewed coffee! By replacing water with brewed coffee in boxed chocolate cake mixes, you get a richer cake.

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