Verified Resident 704402 - Apartment Ratings

New laundry machines do not work as well as the old ones and hold less but prices are same. Trash prices are too high. It's unjustified charging that many apartments for 2 dumpsters. Rates are high considering you don't offer anything extra. the gym is small and inconvenient to other buildings. There isn't a park. There is not a pool. Yet your price per square foot is the comparable to places that do. I understand now as to why you had such great availability.

Verified Resident 704145 - Apartment Ratings

If I was looking for another place I will be looking at these apartments because they are in the price range of my budget the nice people when you need to get a work order in and it gets done right away

Verified Resident 703222 - Apartment Ratings

I very much like it here because my apartment is spacious & sunny. The office management & maintenance staff are very pleasant, helpful & prompt in responding to requests for repairs or other matters. The complex is quiet and is in a GREAT location with close access to stores, bus transportation & restaurants!

Mike Emert - Google

I’ve lived in these apartments for over a year now, I have thoroughly enjoyed the staff and the area. I keep seeing reviews about bugs but I keep my apartment clean, so I’ve never experienced these issues. I wish the best to those going through their struggles though.

Annie McNeill - Google

I would like to let you known that this is the first time that I can say that things are a whole better then every.The staff here are the best that I have ever see .The work order are done fast right as it should be.
The lady's in the office are at their very best.They are very friendly and nice. Clint is very nice and do all work order on time. Rachel has a good personality and make sure that are done right. Berlin is just as nice always marking sure that everyone that move in has everything that they need is in order.
I will also say that they speak anyone in a pleasant voice.
Thank you Annie